Please note that I am no longer maintaining Typecast.

Typecast 1.4 (release)

The Input Field Augmentation Library



Note: the Config panel is here only to allow real time tweaking of the settings and isn't actually part of the library and is therefore not unobtrusive.

Suggest & Auto-Complete Config

("True" triggers Auto-Complete)


Typecast Test
Suggest & Auto-Complete

Realtime Masking

This demo shows off the Suggest/Auto-Complete and Realtime Masking funcitonalities.


Typing in the fields below will yield suggestions coming from local dicitonaries that are defined for each field. The third field's dictionary is actually the default dictionary since there isn't an id/dictionary match. Suggest currently supports most standard keypresses (up, down, tab, enter, esc, etc...) as well as the mouse.

Realtime Masking

With realtime masking you're able to apply a mask to the standard HTML input field. You are currently able to limit a character to either numeric(0-9) or alpha(a-z).


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