Typecast 1.4 (release)

The Input Field Augmentation Library


What is it?

Typecast is an Input Field Augmentation Library. When complete it will add autocomplete, suggest and realtime character masking ability to the standard HTML input field. And who knows, it'll probably end up doing even more! I'm currently working on the Suggest functionality which is coming along nicely.


Typecast requires no JavaScript code in the <body>. Rather it scans the document on load and binds the appropriate Typecast Behaviours to the fields based on the information you specify in the field's rel attribute.


Currently, Typecast Suggest binds a field to a dictionary based on its id. If it doesn't find a dictionary with a name that corresponds to the field's id it falls back to the default dictionary.

Ajax Ready

Typecast is planned to be Ajax ready by abstracting its dictionary binding via a Bind() method (planned, not yet implemented) which will do all the legwork of hooking your field up to the appropriate backend and/or locally defined JS array/object.

Bug Reporting & Feedback

Bug reports, desired features, questions and comments are all appreciated. You can contact me via my contact form.


To Do




Known Bugs

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